Chiropractic for mums, babies and children


Pregnancy is 9 months of change! Your body must grow and adapt to each stage and, whether it be first trimester hormone craziness or the third trimester stretch, your spine and nerve system play a vital role in all functions during this time. Your spine needs to be flexible yet stable as baby grows, while your nerve system controls and coordinates both the hormonal and structural changes that take place. Let us help you have the most comfortable, healthy pregnancy possible!

Newborns and kids

Most new parents expect to have limited sleep and know that their little ones will cry occasionally. Some newborns, especially those who have had stressful births, will cry excessively, not sleep, or have difficulty feeding. This can indicate that their system is stressed and Chiropractic may be able to help release the tension that their little bodies are holding. Childhood is a time of huge growth and development! The first 3 years are especially important and gaining each milestone of rolling, crawling and then walking and talking is worth celebrating. Having a spine and nerve system free of any interference assists our children to smoothly transition between each developmental phase. Once they are up and moving around there is evidence that a child will fall over 2500 times before they are 5 years old, most of the time a hug will soothe the tears but the impact of those falls may impact their spine and nerve system – regular checkups at the chiropractor helps make sure they don’t carry the impact of these falls into adulthood. From newborns to teenage students and beyond, a healthy spine and a nerve system free of any interference can help everyone function at their best!